29 August 2007


I've downloaded the Bioschock Demo and I gotta admit, it's damn cool.
The demo is worth about 45 minutes of gametime, but it's great.

At first I was afraid that my expectations were too high, but Bioshock shows that great games are possible.

in short: I love it

08 August 2007

Skill Stack

Cool game, I scored 9k on my first try! How much did u score? clicky

Silent War

I started to give my annoying colleague (Andy) the silent treatment. And im gonna keep a log of it (in this post only)

Date = 08-08-2007
Time = 13:40
From here it starts. I have already said I wouldn't talk to Andy anymore, so I can't back off...
I should have prepared b4 I got into this mess, I should have brought with me some warstuff like:
- a rifle
- some food
- a compas
- a map

well, I guess since the war is set in our office.. these things dont really matter.
(I should have brought em to prepare my mind for this battle of will)

Date = 08-08-2007
Time = 14:58

The war has ended! I will not lie to you guys, I was the one to end it.
I felt it was the right thing to do since I may cause Andy a lot of mental problems by not talking to him. If I don't talk to him he goes to Mandy (his girfriend) and cries to her about it.
So, being the bigger man I decided to put this all to an halt b4 it spirals out of control.

PS: Andy is not his real name, but I'm not that kind of guy that posts somebody's info on the web

07 August 2007

Robot Chicken S02E19 - Titanic

Hillarious clip from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken

06 August 2007

01 August 2007


Wow, I just found a great site : Raproute.com

It hosts almost every album that falls under the category Rap/RnB. And the cool thing is if you go to Raproute.com/music you see a virtual Dir

Excellent comic

This one made me laugh so hard, I almost fell off my chair. clicky


GravityPods is an amazing game. It's brilliant yet so simple. One of the best flash games of 2007.
I would embed it here, but the author blocks it, so you have to play it here.