04 September 2009

26 February 2008

Nokia Morph

Nokia all the way! look at this awesome video:

25 February 2008

Cad-comic does it again

My god, this one had me laughing so hard. I love it! I don't want to spoil the ending by embedding it here (embedding it fucks up the image anyway). so clicky

18 February 2008


I almost don't know what to say on days like this anymore. It seems like it's happening all too often lately. I'm pretty sure there used to be a time where we could get as much as a couple years between school shootings. Now we're lucky if we go a few months, it seems.

So many people's lives changed for the worse last Thursday, just like that, at the whim of some nutjob. Today some people in Illinois are without a friend, son, daughter, brother, or sister that they had just Thursday morning. I don't bother looking for "reason" or "sense" in stuff like this, you know there isn't any.

Still, I can't help but wish that suicides where you take a bunch of innocent people with you weren't becoming so trendy.

01 February 2008

Nokia N95

Yay!! I got my N95 last Tuesday and I'm really happy with it. Except that those bastards at T-mobile sent me the wrong one, they sent me the N95-1 and I explicitly asked for the N95-3.

What's the big deal, one might ask. Well the battery is.. I mean 1200 mAh vs 950 mAh :O

Anyway, unable to resist the need to tweak, I installed some software on it and tried to update the firmware. The last had me puzzled for a while because the Nokia Software Updater said I had the latest FW (v, and the Nokia website said the latest is v or something ..
So I did some research, turns out that my FW is T-mobile branded. And again I googled , only to find that there is a way. A risky way I might add.
See what you have to do might void your warranty; you have to change your product code.
Long story short; I changed the product code and ran the NSU. Yay!! I thought.. it's gonna update.
"Downloading" it said, "Updating" it said, "Where's your phone?!?" it said. The motherfucker got bricked X-(

I'm trying to get it repaired as I write this post.. I'm going to the T-mobile shop tomorrow.

I'll keep you guys posted.. wish me luck.

07 December 2007

New domain

As you may have noticed, my new URL is blog.albo-arab.nl

I decided to just buy a domain because:
A. its cheap as fuck (7 EUR/year | 10 USD / year)
B. I was bored

but anyway I also installed Google Apps on my domain.. its pretty cool because it's easy to use and free.

So basically I have free:
- email
- calendar
- documents and spreadsheets
- web pages

I'd done it even if they only offered email =D.